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Welcome to the Animation Renaissance.




We tell new kinds of stories with animation. 

In the U.S., the majority of animated properties produced are either kid-friendly stories (Disney) or mature cartoons (South Park). This limits the diversity of productions being made, despite audiences showing they want more variety in the types of animated entertainment they get in the marketplace.

Revolutionize the market, change the culture. 

Imagine experiencing a drama like Game of Thrones or House of Cards, but it's animated. Japan has been utilizing the potential of animation for telling a wide variety of stories for years, and Kid Millionaire is helping to bring the U.S. market up to speed.

Japanese animation, known for its emotional depth and exploration of complex subject matter, was estimated to be worth $2.471 Billion the United States in 2009.

By telling dramatic, character-driven stories and employing unique and innovative visual styles, we strive to open up the domestic animation market to new possibilities, and create meaningful art to help move the culture forward.


We provide animated, cinematic experiences, from films to videos.

Specializing in all areas of animation production, from concept and visual development to animation and post-production, we are proud to collaborate with other artists and creatives who have a strong desire to convey new ideas.

Feature Films

We believe feature-length films are still a largely unexplored territory when it comes to animation. With our first feature film, the psycho-cosmic space fantasy Grey Island, we sought to push the boundaries of animated aesthetics and film art.

Web Series

With our upcoming fantasy series Soul of the World, we are crafting a web-based cinematic experience which rivals the storytelling of animated cinema. New media companies understand the power of online storytelling, and we are with them on the cutting edge of this new frontier.


Video game cinematics, concept trailers, and promotional videos are but a few of the ways we help our clients tell their stories. For 2 years we've used our artistic know-how to help companies nationwide raise capital, increase sales, and strengthen brand loyalty.

We are always open to new and innovative projects.


We are a network of creative revolutionaries.

"Entertainment isn't just content, it's art which defines our culture."

- Dan Ekis, Creative Producer

Kid Millionaire is comprised of a network of high-performing animators, composers, illustrators, and sound designers, and tailors it's team roster to match each project and its desired effect in the world. 

Led by animator and illustrator Dan Ekis, we shifted our focus from advertising to entertainment with the production of the feature film Grey Island and the animated music video for hip hop artist Mr.O2Tha’s “Ill-Informed”.

In the past, Kid Millionaire has worked with various video production, entertainment, startup, and design companies nationwide.


"If you can dream it, you can do it."

- Walt Disney

Innovation often doesn't come from the mainstream. It comes from independent artists with a desire to express themselves and create change in the world around them. Walt Disney, Ralph Bakshi, Bill Plympton. Independent artists are the innovators who drive culture forward, and Kid Millionaire is dedicated to their growth.


We are grateful to be able to work with artists who think different. We work with creative professionals of all specialties and experience levels. Send us your portfolio and resume and let's talk!



Through our online course, Indie Animation Pro, we help artists who strive to bring their characters to life make a living off of their art and tell their stories to the world.


Through our YouTube Channel and the Animation Auteur Podcast, we have built a strong network of animators and artists dedicated to creative and personal growth. .



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